How can I improve my quality score in Google AdWords?

You can improve your quality score in Google AdWords by choosing better keywords, featuring keywords in your ads, and by maintaining proper search engine optimization techniques when creating your website landing page.
The two most important factors Google uses to determine your ad rank are quality score and bid. Your quality score is a measure of how relevant each of your keywords is to your ad and your website landing page. Google will use a combination of your keyword quality score and bid to compare your ads against your competitors every time your keyword is searched. So the better your keyword quality score, the better chance you have of getting your ad placed and the less you will pay.
To improve your keyword quality score, start by choosing the right keywords. Your keywords should be specific and relevant to the products or services in your ad and on your website landing page. Avoid keywords that are too general, as it’s difficult to know what is relevant to someone searching a general keyword. For example, if you’re advertising Google AdWords consulting, use specific keywords like “AdWords consulting” and “AdWords Experts” and avoid general keywords like “AdWords” or “Google AdWords.”

Keep in mind that historical keyword performance is an important factor in determining which keywords are worthwhile.  Google maintains statistics on the performance of keywords historically, which includes all other campaigns besides your own that target those keywords.  If certain keywords have failed to attract ad clicks historically, then Google downgrades those keywords and you might have a difficult time getting a good keyword quality score no matter how relevant those keywords are to your ads and landing page.  Poor performing keywords are typically keywords that don’t pertain to marketable products or services or are just too general.  Always choose specific keywords that pertain to your products and services.

Secondly, to improve your keyword quality score, include keywords in your ads, particularly the headline. Keywords in your headline make your keywords appear much more relevant to your ads and should help increase your quality score.
Thirdly, make sure your website landing page is search engine optimized. With proper SEO, your website landing page will contain all the keywords you use in your Google AdWords campaign, which will improve each keyword quality score.
To learn more about how to optimize your Google AdWords campaign to maximize your keyword quality scores, read Don’t Waste Money on Google AdWords.

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