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What are the advantages of AdSense for video?

Excerpt from:  Don’t Waste Time on Google AdSense

The biggest advantage of AdSense for video is that you can earn advertising revenue from all the video content on your website. AdSense for video gives you a dynamic and non-intrusive advertising platform to monetize video content.

AdSense for video consists of two kinds of ads that appear as overlays over the bottom-third of your website’s video content: text overlay ads and InVideo overlay ads. Text overlay ads have the same text content as other text ads, and InVideo overlay ads are Flash-based and may include a companion video ad which opens when a user clicks on the overlay.

Each of these ad types are displayed in the bottom-third of your video content and earn you ad revenue when users see and/or click on the ads. In this way, AdSense for video helps you to monetize all of your website’s video content and earn more money with AdSense.

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