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What are the advantages of AdSense for search?

Excerpt from:  Don’t Waste Time on Google AdSense

The advantages of AdSense for Search include providing you another revenue source, adding useful content for your users, and allowing users to easily access other relevant content on your own website.

AdSense for search allows website publishers to place a search box on their site and earn revenue from relevant ads that appear on the search results page. With AdSense for search, your website visitors can use the Google search engine right on your own webpage to search for anything they want. The search results from AdSense for search are displayed within a frame on your website and contain relevant Google ads. Thus, your site’s visitors don’t have to leave your website if they suddenly wish to conduct a Google search. Plus, you can customize AdSense for search to show only results from specific websites, such as your own website.

AdSense for search offers you many advantages. First, AdSense for search allows you to provide additional useful content to your website, making your website more appealing to users. Second, you can customize AdSense for search so that your users can access other content on your website, increasing your page impressions and promoting your other content. Third, AdSense for search provides you another revenue stream as users click the ads that appear in the search results frame.

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