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What are the advantages of AdSense for feeds?

Excerpt from:  Don’t Waste Time on Google AdSense

The biggest advantage of AdSense for feeds is the same as AdSense for content: you can earn money by placing targeted Google ads in your feeds. AdSense for feeds ensures that you can earn advertising revenue whether users see content on your website or in your feed.

A feed is a stream of your headlines, summaries or articles that can be easily viewed and subscribed to by users before actually visiting your website. Users subscribe to your feeds through a feed aggregator, making it easier for them to find out what’s new on your site and reminding them to come back.

AdSense for feeds places Google ads next to your content in your feed, so that anyone viewing your headlines, summaries or articles are exposed to ads that are related to your content. In this way, you can make money from AdSense whether users visit your website or see your content in a feed.

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